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Agriculture Online
Kerr Center
EPA Links EPA Homepage
EPA Pesticide
EPA-Pesticide Endangered Species Protection Program
EPA-Pesticide Endangered Species Protection Program-Oklahoma Information
AAFCO Homepage
Bee Information Center for Environmental Research and Conservation at Columbia University
Ohio State University Extension - Africanized Honeybee
Oklahoma Beekeepers Association
Pollination Homepage
Smithsonian Institution - Encyclopedia Smithsonian "Bug Info"
University of Florida
Herbicide Information Herbicide Applicator Form
List of Restricted Herbicides
Convert weights or measures (download program)
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EPA-Pesticide Endangered Species Protection Program-Oklahoma Information
EPA-Pesticide Endangered Species Protection Program
MSDS Data Sheets Online
OSU Pesticide Safety Education Program-Study Material
Pest Control Continuing Education-Texas
Pest Control Information Center
Pesticide Sensitive Location Viewer
Pestnetwork-Pest Control Education Guide
Registered Pesticides
Security of Pesticides
Unwanted Pesticide Disposal Program
Worker Protection Standard
Plant Information National Plant Board
OSU Entomology & Plant Pathology
OSU Plant Disease & Insect Lab
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Seed Information American Seed Trade Association
Association of American Seed Control Officials
Oklahoma Crop Improvement Association-Certified Seed
Tom Clothier's Seed Articles
Vineyards - Grape Grower Brochure-Protecting Oklahoma Vineyards
USDA Links USDA-Africanized Bees in North America
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