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Agency Staff

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture Contact Information
Street Address: Get Map
Attn: (Department Needed)
2800 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone (405)521-3864
Fax (405)522-4912
Mailing Address:
Attn: (Department Needed)
PO Box 528804
Oklahoma City, OK 73152
Main Phone: (405)521-3864
Fax: (405)522-4912

Executive Office

Jim Reese Photo
Jim Reese, Commissioner of Agriculture,(405) 522-5719

Betty Thompson Photo
Betty Thompson, Deputy Commissioner, (405) 522-6105

Support Staff

Kandi Batts
Kandi Batts, Executive Assistant, (405) 522-5488

Administrative Services

Bryan Painter

Bryan Painter, Communications/Administrative Director, (405) 521-6479

Finance Division

General Services / Purchasing

Human Resources (405) 522-5786


Investigative Services

Jerry Flowers, Chief Agent Photo
Jerry Flowers, Chief Agent, (405)317-7711 (Cell Phone)

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
Investigative Services
2800 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Phone: (405)522-6102
Fax: (405)522-8044
Main Email

  • Tina Fortune, Executive Secretary to Chief Agent (405) 522-6102
  • Patrick Blake, Special Agent, (405)664-5113 (Cell Phone)
  • Jason Smith, Special Agent, (405) 558-1102 (Cell Phone)
  • Paul Cornett, Special Agent, (405)650-8982 (Cell Phone)
  • Eddie Davenport, Special Agent, (405)850-8292 (Cell Phone)
  • Dusty Goforth, Special Agent, (405)824-2194 (Cell Phone)
  • Michael Hooper, Special Agent, (405)850-9369 (Cell Phone)
  • Ricky Rushing, Special Agent, (405)488-9144 (Cell Phone)
  • Ryan Hensley, Special Agent, (405) 830-5189 (Cell Phone)


Agricultural Environmental Management Services Staff

Jeremy Seiger

Seiger, Jeremy, Director, (405) 522-4659  

Inspectors and Environmental Program Specialists:

Agriculture Pollutant Discharge Elimination System(AgPDES) Staff

CAFO Areas and Inspectors
Poultry Areas and Inspectors

Animal Industry Staff

Photo of Dr. Rod Hall, DVM
Dr. Rod Hall
, State Veterinarian, (405)522-0270

Program Staff
  • Mary Porter, Programs Officer, (405)522-6133
  • Janice Montgomery, Cattle Brucellosis, Cattle TB, Trichomoniasis, Aquaculture, and Biologics, (405)522-6128
  • Nichole Carrillo, Swine, Feral Swine, Animal Disease Traceability, Farmed Cervidae, CWD, Cervidae TB and Brucellosis (405)522-6124
  • Sherrie Davis, Poultry, Equine (405)522-6139
  • Rhonda Keener, Animal Disease Traceability, Import/Export, Health Certificates, Data Import (405) 522-6141
  • Betty Baxter, Animal Disease Traceability, Data Import (405) 522-6138
  • Vacant, Data Import, Mail Clerk
  • Teresa Bragg, Data Import, Supplies Clerk

Food Safety & Consumer Protection Services Staff
Street Address:
Food Safety &Consumer Protection Services
2800 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
CPS Fax: (405)522-4584
Food SafetyFax (405)522-1060
Mailing Address:
Food Safety & Consumer Protection Services
PO Box 528804
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-8804
CPS Fax: (405)522-4584
Food SafetyFax (405)522-1060
Kenny Naylor
Kenny Naylor, Director, (405) 522-5879

Administration Support Staff
Fax (405)522-4584
  • Dee Hoffman, Consumer Protection Services Administrative Officer (405)522-5882
  • Tammy Endsley, Food Safety Administrative Officer, (405)522-6112

Agricultural Resources Section
Fax (405)522-4584

Agricultural Resources Support Staff

Grain Warehouse Examiner

Agricultural Resources Field Inspectors

Ag Inspectors Map
Click map to enlarge (.PDF)

Weights and Measures Field Inspectors
Dairy Section
Fax: (405)522-1060

Poultry, Organic, Produce, and Egg Section
Fax: (405)522-1060

Environmental Resources & Horticulture Section
Fax (405)522-4584

Plant Protection Specialists

Nursery Inspectors Map
Click map to enlarge (.PDF)

  • Jayce Prock, Environmental Programs Administrator, (405)522-5974

Meat & Poultry Inspection Section
Fax: (405)522-1060

Pesticide Section
Fax (405) 522-0625

Pesticide Support Staff
Fax (405) 522-0625

Pesticide  & Apiary Field Inspectors

Plant Protection Specialist map
Click map to enlarge (.PDF)

Forestry Services
Visit Oklahoma Forestry Services website for more information: www.forestry.ok.gov

State Office
Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry
2800 N Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Tel:  405/522-6158
Fax:  405/522-4583

George Geissler Photo
George Geissler, State Forester

Vacant - Executive Secretary
Scott Huff - Assistant Director, Forest Mgmt. Chief
Mark Goeller - Assistant Director, Fire Mgmt. Chief
Vacant - Administrative Officer
Linda Doss, Financial Officer

Statewide Program Specialists
Vacant - Staff Forester, Forest Protection
Carri Abner, Forest Inventory
Dieter Rudolph, Staff Forester, Forest Management
John Roberts, Fire Staff & Training Specialist
Mark Bays, Urban Forestry Coordinator
Michelle Finch-Walker, Communications Specialist*
* Note:  Broken Bow Office

Rural Fire Defense
Andy James, Community Wildfire Preparedness Forester
Oklahoma Forestry Services, Rural Fire Defense
830 NE 12th Ave
Goldsby, OK 73093
Tel: 405-288-2385
Fax: 405-288-6326

Albert Engstrom Forest Regeneration Center
Vacant - Regeneration Center Manager (State Nursery)
Oklahoma Forestry Services, FRC
830 NE 12th Ave
Goldsby, OK 73093
Tel: 405-288-2385
Fax: 405-288-6326

Forest Tree Improvement Center
Justin Jones, FTIC Manager
Oklahoma Forestry Services, FTIC
Route 1, Box 233
Idabel, OK 74745
Tel: 580-286-3552
Fax: 580-286-2647
Laboratory Services Staff

Contact Information:
Phone: (405)522-5431
    Fax: (405)522-0543

Tanna Kilpatrick 


Bureau of Standards


    Feed, Fertilizer & Lime
  • Jennifer Busey, Chemist IV
  • Niran Slykerman, Chemist I
  • Johnathan White, Chemist I
  • Bryan Fritz, Chemist I
  • Faisal Behi, Laboratory Technician II

    Food & Dairy
  • Sharon Swyear, Chemist IV
  • Daniel Tripp, Lab Scientist I
  • Michael Ferry, Lab Scientist I

  • Steven Moser, Chemist IV
  • Thuy Ta, Chemist III
  • Yvette Turner, Chemist III
  • David Smith, Chemist I

  • Water & Inorganics
  • Elena Lyon, Chemist IV
  • Taryn Hurley, Chemist I
  • Gabrielle Fowler, Chemist I
  • Vacant, Laboratory Technician II
Market Development Staff
Contact Information:
Phone: (405)522-4330
    Fax: (405)522-4855

Jamey Allen
Diversified Agriculture
  • Tandy Kidd, Market Development Coordinator, (405)522-4330
Domestic Programs
  • Julie Sears, Market Development Coordinator, (405)522-5560
  • Emily Shuping, Market Development Coordinator, (405)522-6192
Economic Development
Ag in the Classroom Education Program
Farm to School
  • Cheri Long, Market Development Coordinator, (405)249-9234
Grants / Loans
International Programs
  • Jamie Cummings, Market Development Coordinator, (405)593-2119; (405)522-2106
Market News
  • Jack Carson, Market Development Coordinator, (405)522-3752
Office of General Counsel Staff
Contact Information:
Phone: (405)522-5997
    Fax: (405)522-5789
Teena Gunter Teena Gunter, Esq., General Counsel

Wildlife Services Staff
  • Kevin Grant, State Director, (405) 521-4039
  • Berta Altizer, Budget Analyst, (405) 521-4039
  • David C. Dudley, District Supervisor, Southeast District
  • Dwaine Scott, District Supervisor, West District
  • Kenny Kellett, District Supervisor, Northeast District