Administrative Services


Administrative Services
Executive Office

The Office of the Commissioner is responsible for the overall direction and leadership of the agency. The Commissioner is responsible for the administration and enforcement of various state laws and is one of the principle spokespersons for Oklahoma farm products and producers. As president of the Board of Agriculture, the commissioner serves on the Oklahoma State University A&M Board of Regents, the School Land Commission, the State Board of Equalization and the Environment Sub-cabinet. The commissioner and his staff coordinate activities relating to rules and regulations, hearings, legislative affairs, agricultural mediation proceedings, aglink finances, farm crisis situations, investigations and certain law enforcement activities, as well as internal and external agricultural related matters.

Finance & Fleet Management

The Finance Section develops agency budgets, receives and deposits moneys, manages assets, and is also responsible for payroll, travel and vendor claims, federal program accounting, brand registration, cash flow management, the time/leave system, and the agency accounting system.  Finance section works with Oklahoma Office of State Finance in the state's budget requirements.

Fleet Management is to provides the best quality and most cost effective automotive transportation possible to the agency's employees. This includes providing equipment replacement in a timely manner and establishing policies regarding the selection, assignment, operation, maintenance and disposal of motor vehicles purchased by and/or used by the agency.

General Services

Our mission is to support each division within the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture in providing quality service and accountability to the citizens of Oklahoma through efficient and cost effective mail processing, reproduction, printing, and to ensure the integrity of the agency by maintaining accurate records preservation and publication distribution.

Grant Administration

The mission of Grants Administration is to actively pursue grant and program funding that works toward a diverse agricultural industry that is both economically profitable and environmentally sustainable. There are many organization or federal agency's that offer Agriculture grants to help promote the environment through agriculture, promote agriculture diversification, and encourage new and more profitable ways for farming.  The United States Department of Agriculture is a partner with many of our agency activities.

Information Technology

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry utilizes IT Services from the Office of Management Enterprise Services. OMES provides the agency with automated solutions for managing agency and industry information.  OMES provides agency employees with technology tools that insure they are able to communicate, gather agriculture industry data, and use it in an effective manner. 

Public Information

The Public Information office is to create a positive public relations environment and provide valuable agricultural information to the media and public.

PIO Photo Gallery Archive

PRESS KIT: Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry - Press kit includes materials suited for different recipients, as in columnists and promoters. This press kit includes the following components:

  • Color photo of Blayne Arthur, Secretary of Agriculture
  • Color and B&W images of the official Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry logo
  • B&W image of the Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry display sign
  • Biography of Blayne Arthur, Secretary of Agriculture, Food & Forestry (PDF)

Purchasing Section is the Agency's primary contact for purchasing and contracts. Contracting Officer/Certified Procurement Officer (CPO) monitors agency wide purchasing practices to assure they are fair, reasonable, responsible and completed in accordance with applicable statutes, rules, policies and procedures. CPO reviews all purchase orders, solicits price quotes or bids and issues Purchase Orders over $2,500. CPO reviews and coordinates processing of requisitions over $25,000 through the Oklahoma Department of Central Services, Central Purchasing office.

Safety & Training

Safety & Training section is to provide the Agency with the tools and education needed to achieve an accident-free workplace and enhance the overall well being of the department's employees.  This section will providing safety education and consultation on accident prevention to strive for reduction of lost time for injuries resulting from existing agency safety conditions.  This section will assist the agency by providing creative and pertinent managerial training, provide assistance to the on-the-job training program, and promote a team approach toward working together.  Agriculture occupational safety is a challenge.  Our agency has many field inspectors that face some of the same occupational hazards that the industry workers do.  The Oklahoma Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Labor has many resources for safety information.