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 Food Safety



Dairy Section
Dairy Services has two primary areas of responsibilities. The first objective is to assure the consumer a safe and wholesome supply of milk. We carry this out through routine inspections of all dairy farms. We observe all aspects of the dairy operation, from construction and maintenance of the milking barn to making sure only healthy cows are milked with equipment that is clean and sanitary. The staff of dairy services also works to make sure the milk is maintained at the farm and transported to the processing plants at the proper temperature (below 45°F) in clean and sanitary transportation trucks.

The second objective is inspecting milk and milk products processing plants. In addition to routine sanitation inspections, public health checks are performed on pasteurization equipment. Pasteurization is the process that assures all disease causing organisms are destroyed. These plants (like the dairy farms) are inspected to provide a safe finished dairy product. Each plant and all the equipment utilized in pasteurization and/or manufacturing dairy products such as ice cream, cheese, yogurt, etc. are checked for cleanliness and sanitation.

Samples of milk from the dairy farms and sample of each product packaged by the processing plants are collected at least four out of each six months. The samples are analyzed to determine if the milk or packaged dairy products meet the required federal safety standards.

All states use the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance as the basis for their regulation. By working cooperatively with the State and the Food and Drug Administration, our farms and plants gain access to domestic and/or foreign markets.

The Dairy staff is pleased to be working cooperatively with industry to help assure and maintain access to interstate markets while we strive to provide the consumer the safest possible milk and dairy products.